Bona is an independent, family-run publishing house based in Krakow, Poland. We are publishers with strong roots in the world of book-selling. We opened our first eponymous bookshop in the Old Town section of Krakow back in the spring of 2008. The shop has since established itself as an estimable landmark on literary Krakow's map.


Our experience on the brick-and-mortar end of the book trade is central to our publishing endeavors. We aim to print handsome editions of compelling works that we — as publishers but also, first and foremost, as readers and book-sellers — would like to come across on a bookshelf on a rainy afternoon.


Bona's publishing ambitions run twofold: we will be issuing new editions of important out-of-print titles from the 1960's and 70's — canonical works from Poland and abroad that have lamentably vanished from print over time — while simultaneously embracing and publishing intriguing works of contemporary fiction and non-fiction.

In both cases we will be working to craft a linguistically eclectic list, with special attention given to the printing — and in some cases re-printing — of foreign works of literature in Polish translation.


Our editorial team also believes that the books we are first introduced to as intellectually impressionable young readers shape immeasurably the adult readers and thinkers we become later in life; and so a strong emphasis on publishing innovative and stimulating works of picture and chapter book literature for children will always be central to our mission. Our very first list, for example, will include stories by the master Italian fabulist Gianni Rodari.


Bona is our love and labour, printed and bound.  We are eager to share our editions with you, dear reader, in the year and years to come.